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Families will find you online first.

Are they going to be convinced by what they find there?

People are making decisions about your brand online before they ever pick up the phone. Are you making the impression you want to?


SEO, social, reviews, and digital marketing are all well and good, but often they’re handled by people who don’t really understand the context of grief and the importance of the services you’re offering. McKee Wallwork and Company has over a decade of experience in breakthrough death care marketing, and we believe that serving families is always more important than Google Analytics.


That’s why The Right Way of Death author Eric Layer led a team of digital experts to develop our trademarked DEO™ strategy. DEO™, or Digital Experience Orienteering, is an integrated process that brings together digital expertise, strategic marketing, and a deep respect for death care as a way of helping funeral homes break through the noise.

And it works…

  • We moved a leading funeral home from the third page of Google results to the #1 and #2 spots for “Cremation” and related search terms. 

  • We helped another leading firm consolidate a number of different brand names without missing a beat in their digital traffic. 

  • Another client directly attributed over $900K of preneed sales to our digital efforts.

How to find

DEO™ works so well that we’ve been applying it from coast to coast for more than three years, and we haven’t yet had a client cancel the program.


If your website looks like everybody else’s,


If you’re skeptical that your social media plan is delivering results,


If you’re not sure how your digital metrics relate to your ROI,


Give us a call at 505-821-2999 for a free introduction.

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