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How do you measure up?

Books about business are a dime a dozen. Writing on funeral home best practices is almost as prolific. But nobody knows how to take all of that data and tell you exactly how it applies to your firm.

Almost nobody. 

MW+C has mapped the internal health of thousands of businesses (including hundreds of funeral homes) using our proprietary Disruption Cycle process. The Disruption Cycle is based on two decades of research on the factors and dynamics that led to the growth (or lack thereof) of a business. In ten minutes, we can capture invaluable data you can use to diagnose your own firm's challenges and victories, and see how you measure up against your peers—and not just other funeral home owners, but other business owners nationwide, all without falling victim to industrywide groupthink.

How to find

For less than the price of a single funeral, we’ll review your results and create customized reports that identify nuances of interpersonal dynamics in your firm, including between your leadership team and staff as a whole, as well as between you and your leadership team. 


We can show you exactly what’s going wrong, how it correlates to your business’ growth, and what you need to do about it. 

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